Message From the Director to our DUHS Clinical Laboratory Staff

January 1st 2017

Dear friends and colleagues,

     2017 will be one of great change and great excitement for our Clinical Laboratories.  For over two years we have been preparing for the opening of our new laboratories in the Hudson and Wadsworth buildings.  Many of you have been intimately involved in these preparations and have designed what will be our home for many years to come. It is a beautiful home.

     I have seen individuals working tirelessly; developing transition plans and contingency plans, working with vendors, architects and builders, designing new workflows, developing and validating new tests and labs in Beaker and installing and validating new equipment and automation.  For all of these things, and more, I am thankful.  You have truly come together as a team to make this great thing happen.  When I think about all of the individual decisions that had to be made and jobs that had to be completed over these two years by you, your supervisors, managers and directors, I am in awe.  I congratulate you all on bringing this project to its final stage. I await January 17th with nervous anticipation, excitement and pride in our team for a job well done.

     We have all been laboratorians at Duke long enough to know that there may be a few unanticipated challenges on the move weekend and into the following week.  At this point, we have done some amazing and very complex things and faced some extraordinary challenges in our labs.  Our resiliency and ingenuity is constantly tested both by big projects like our Beaker implementation and through our increasingly complex patient population.  With each challenge we’ve faced, we have always emerged successful.

     I am confident in our success with this project.  This confidence is based on your strength and character as individuals and the strength of our teams.  It is based on the many occasions where I have seen you do whatever it takes to take care of our patients, their loved ones and, in these times of great challenge, each other.

I offer you my sincere thanks and best wishes for a successful and exciting New Year.  I look forward to sharing 2017 with you.



DUHS Clinical Laboratories, Leadership Team


Jiaoti Huang, MD PhD
Professor and Chairman
Department of Pathology
Michael B. Datto MD PhD
Medical Director, DUHS Clinical Laboratories
Associate Professor, Department of Pathology
Bruce Lobaugh PhD
Administrative Director, DUHS Clinical Laboratories
Professor, Department of Pathology
David Howell MD PhD
Professor and Executive Vice Chairman, Department of Pathology
Raj Dash MD
Medical Director, Laboratory Information Systems
Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Pathology
Diana Cardona MD
Director, Surgical Pathology and Immunopathology Laboratory Services
Assocaite Professor, Department of Pathology
(919) 613-5208
Maureen Bauer
Medical Director, DRH Clinical Laboratories
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
Britt Crewse
Associate Vice President of Diagnostic Services DUHS
Leigh Baxter
Director of Finance for Diagnostic Services
(919) 613-8908
Liz Polley
Chief Administrator
Department of Pathology
(919) 668-1414