Message From the Director to our DUHS Clinical Laboratory Staff

January 1st 2020

To our Clinical Laboratory Team;

As we approach the end of this decade, I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to simply say ‘Thank You’.  It has been an amazing 10 years and I am honored to have been part of our laboratory team during this time.

Over the past ten years, we have seen great growth in our services. We have cared for many hundreds of thousands of patients by performing tens of millions of laboratory tests, hitting an all-time high of 10 million laboratory tests performed last year alone!  Each of these tests was performed with professionalism, dedication to our patients, and the knowledge that each result has the potential to change the course of care for a patient.  In this way, we are one of an elite few ‘core services’ in our health system, impacting the life of nearly every patient we see in our hospitals. I know that you take this responsibility to heart.  I see your dedication in the outstanding performance of each of our laboratories. Last year we had the best turnaround times that we have ever seen in our labs.  At the same time our error correction rates continue to drop. I also see your dedication in the way that you work at the bench, providing faster, better patient care.  I see all of this and I continue to be amazed by our team and I am proud to be part of Duke Clinical Laboratories.

Not only have we become bigger as a laboratory system over the past 10 years, we have become more complex.  Every laboratory has validated new tests, adopted new technologies, new instruments and new computer systems.  We have opened laboratories in new locations and significantly expanded our in house test offerings.  We have increased our staffing, hired new directors and reinvented a number of our laboratories from the ground up. All of these things were done with the goal of providing better patient care.  In these things, we have seen amazing success.

Over the next several years, our focus will remain the same: to provide the highest quality, safest, most cost effective patient care.  To achieve this goal, we will continue on our path to implement the new ‘zero harm’ Duke Quality System (DQS). We are live with this system in the DUH Microbiology Laboratory, DRAH and a few phlebotomy work centers. In 2020, we will be rolling the DQS out to many of your laboratories.  We are seeing this as a great way to engage everyone every day to find ways to make Duke safer by relying on each of you as the subject matter experts in how our labs work.  You have great ideas for how we can do things better and our success sits with you.

Again, you have my sincere thanks and shared hope for an amazing 10 years to come.  I hope that this next year brings you happiness, pride and a sense of fulfillment in your work at Duke and in all things joy and peace.




DUHS Clinical Laboratories, Leadership Team


Jiaoti Huang, MD PhD
Professor and Chairman
Department of Pathology
Michael B. Datto MD PhD
Director and AVP, DUHS Clinical Laboratories
Associate Professor and Vice Chair CP, Department of Pathology
Bruce Lobaugh PhD
Administrative Director, DUHS Clinical Laboratories
Professor, Department of Pathology
David Howell MD PhD
Professor and Executive Vice Chairman, Department of Pathology
Raj Dash MD
Medical Director, Laboratory Information Systems
Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Pathology
Diana Cardona MD
Director, DUHS Anatomic Pathology Laboratories
Associate Professor, Department of Pathology
(919) 613-5208
Chad McCall MD PhD
Director, Hematology Laboratory Services
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
(919) 684-2429
Maureen Bauer MD
Medical Director, DRH Clinical Laboratories
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
Carol Filomena MD
Medical Director, DRAH Clinical Laboratories
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology