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Message From the Directors to our DUHS Clinical Laboratory Team

June 2nd, 2024

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Fellow Laboratorians, 

Reflecting on the past few years, there is no doubt we have faced many challenges individually and collectively as Duke Health Clinical Laboratories. Over the past five years, the COVID pandemic continued to wax and wane. Just when we had hope for a return to stability, there was another variant, another outbreak, another supply chain shortage, another request for additional testing, or another blood product shortage. This was followed by nationwide staffing shortages in all areas, including those working in clinical laboratories

There are, however, many things to celebrate. First, and foremost, we would like to celebrate and thank you. With everything that was thrown at you, you persisted. We were inspired by the way many of you picked up extra shifts or worked extra hours in laboratories across Duke Health. Your commitment to our patients and each other has always been evident. Every year, that dedication influences the lives of hundreds of thousands of Duke patients through the millions of tests you performed, the samples you collected or managed, and the timely results you delivered with compassion and care. Take a minute to be proud and celebrate that. Take a minute to celebrate and thank your laboratory teammates. We not only survived the past few years, but thrived, and that in itself is an amazing accomplishment worth celebrating. 

We would also like to celebrate our new laboratory team members. Nearly every team in our Duke Health Laboratories, including our director team, has at least a few new members. Welcome to your new Duke Laboratory family! We appreciate the unique and diverse talents and perspectives that you bring to Duke and we hope you use them to do amazing things that you find personally and professionally fulfilling. 

Finally, we are excited to see what the future will bring. The challenges we have faced have made us stronger as a team. They have taught us how to be nimble. They have forced us to strengthen our bonds with those who support us and those who we support. The certainty of these bonds, even in the face of an uncertain tomorrow, gives us enormous hope for a very bright future.

With our warmest regards, 

Mike and Diana

DUHS Clinical Laboratories, Leadership Team


Michael B. Datto, M.D., Ph.D.

Michael B. Datto MD PhD
Director and AVP, DUHS Clinical Laboratories
Associate Professor and Vice Chair CP, Department of Pathology

Diana Marcella Cardona, M.D.

Diana Cardona MD
Associate Director, DUHS Clinical Laboratories
Associate Professor and Vice Chair for AP Laboratories, Department of Pathology
<(919) 613-5208

Rajesh Dash, M.D.

Raj Dash MD
Medical Director, Laboratory Information Systems
Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Pathology

David Howell, M.D., Ph.D.

David Howell MD PhD
Professor and Executive Vice Chairman, Department of Pathology

Rebecca J. Varley, M.D.

Becca Varley MD
Director, DRAH Clinical Laboratories
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
(919) 862-5827


Michael Waugh MD
Director, DRH Clinical Laboratories
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology


Beth Shaz, MD, MBA
Director, Stem Cell Laboratory
Professor, Department of Pathology and Chief of Clinical Pathology


Mary Smith

Mary Smith
Director of Operations, CP Laboratories

Kathy Grant, Ph.D.

Kathy Grant, Ph.D.
Director of Operations, AP Laboratories


Curtis Dunn
Director of Operations, CP Laboratories

Judith Flemming

Judith Fleming
Director of Quality Management, DUHS Clinical Laboratories

Kari Ryan

Kari Ryan
Director, Business Operations and Strategic Development, DUHS Clinical Laboratories


Megan Haymaker
 Interim Divisional Chief, Human Resources, DUHS Clinical Laboratories